1972 called, it wants it’s car back.


So life around here has been anything but normal. Well wait, maybe it’s normal for us. I’ve gotten so used to a way of life that I don’t think it’s worth sharing sometimes, so I guess I’ll share anyway and see if it strikes a chord with you.


I’ve wanted to get you a new video for two weeks now. So I’m sorry that that I haven’t. We had both our vehicles go down fighting in the same week so I’m borrowing my brother-in-law’s car (thanks Brice). I think it’s from around the time I was born and it rides like a boat on water. It’s fantastic!  :-)

Our car just got out of the shop Wednesday and now it’s back in hoping to get one more thing fixed before we head to Green Bay, WI by 2pm this afternoon. Otherwise we’ll have to rent a car. I don’t want to leave Donna without transportation while we’re gone. :)

I’ll be playing at a bbq competition on Washington Island, WI on Saturday and then at a UMC church on Sunday in Green Bay, my absolute favorite city in the world. Leaha, Wes, Lindy and Seth are going with me and I’m sure well stop in Chicago to get some hot dogs on our way up.

Now for the really fun news. This is a little premature but I’ve been dying to tell you all.

I’m starting plans for my new album and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. For those of you who have heard me play live lately, you’ve probably heard me singing more. Well, I’ve had people asking after the shows, “are you singing on any of these CDs?” Sadly no, but this next album will be my first album featuring hammered dulcimer but with 4 or 5 vocal songs on it as well. Super exited to work on this and I have some big plans on how we’re going to make this project come to life! I hope ya’ll will join us in this new adventure in creating more music. There will be more to come on this as the plans get moving.

Okay I think that’s it. I still need to pack and I have someone coming for a lesson soon and I still need to get a car. Good grief! I’m supposed to be leaving in a couple hours.

Have a great weekend. Be blessed and full of joy.


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