2010 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion

 So I wanted to let you all know how I got to this point of being the 2010 National Hammer Dulcimer Champion. It was such an amzing thing to watch and be a part of that I wanted to tell the story as quick as I could. i want to keep it concise but also let you know as much as I can becuase it's a great story. So here it goes.

 It started when I went to KY and won the state title there which gave me a free pass to the Walnut Valley Folk Fest which has a number of contests all weekend long.

 Seven days before we were scheduled to leave for Winfield, KS for the fest, I lost my day job. The day of the job loss was 9/8/10 we received our finished product of the Songs From Walnut Valley CD that same day. It just seemed odd that the news of an era ending was followed so closely with the entry of a new era.

 The weekend of the 10th I had 3 different gigs so though the job loss was really hard to take in, I had a lot of support from freinds, family and doing something that I love, music. The following Monday 9/13/10 was really hard to take. I wanted to fall into a dispair but we held firm to the promises of God that He wants us to go "up and not down" and Ps. 1 "everything he does, he prospers." God had some amazing things to teach us if only I would Pray and Obey. One thing that we new for certain was that God had his hands all over us in the midst of it all and that He had, and still has, a blessing for us in the midst of it all.

 So we headed off to KS with the plan of not worring about the job situation until we got back from the festival. God had orchastrated everything up to this point, why not follow the path of winning a championship title like we planned.

 I'll stop at that and go on from there in the next post. Stay tuned, I know you know how it ends, but getting there is half the fun. Okay, maybe not half, let's just say that it's part of the fun. The rest was winning which was OVER THE TOP. :-)