A quilt, 2 birthdays, and a really good book.

Good morning friends, family, and Ted Heads!

I began my note to you yesterday afternoon, with all intentions of getting it finished at that time. Between the baby not napping very long, and my desire to get the house more clean, this is now becoming a Thursday email rather than a Wednesday letter. I guess sometimes that’s just the way life works! I trust it’s for the best because now it’s morning, and I prefer to chat with you all in the morning, before the activities of the day are pressing and while the slate is fresh and new! The birds are chattering outside and that just adds to the sweetness of the moment. :)

First off thanks to all who came out to see Ted’s performances in Delphi! One dear lady, who met Ted last year at Canal Days, drove a good distance just to catch some music Sunday morning and to give our family a personal blessing. Thank you friend for brightening our whole weekend!

There is so much to be excited about, I feel too jittery to write about it! First off today I added to this email a new photo of the Fan Friday Quilt which is on the auction block until Saturday evening. Head on over via the link if you’d like to see more pictures and a little back story on the quilt. I was just looking at it this morning and remembering more of the fans involved in it. At different times of day, different tones of your lives stand out to me. This morning the teal colored fabric with yellow flowers caught my eye. It was donated by Pam in Cincinnati. Pam is our friend who knew Rich Mullins in her college days and requested that Ted work on an arrangement of The Water Is Wide. And this leads me to my second bit of exciting news… Pam has graciously made copies of her book about Rich, “Singing From Silence” available to you all through our store! She allowed Ted and I to read her manuscript as it was headed to the publisher early this year and within the opening notes, this book hit my top ten books list! If you want to know why the song The Water is Wide became such a special arrangement to all of us, you need to read this. :) Pam’s book has provoked some really good conversation and music around here… I wonder what it might bring about in your home?

Ted has a performance this Saturday evening at the IPFW gardens in Fort Wayne from 5:30-7:00PM Sounds like a wonderful time to listen to dulcimer music in the twilight. I say grab an ice cream cone and come on out for a stroll. :)

This is birthday week for us, with mine tomorrow and Leaha’s on Sunday so we’ll be busy celebrating some of life’s special moments this weekend. Thanks for being a part of our lives and for making weekends like this sweeter!

Peace and blessings,
Donna, Ted and the kids

P.S. Gersh is working on some of the songs in Nashville this week. Yay! We’re getting closer to completing “Chocolate Skies”! This is kind of the silent stage of things for you all but we’re moving forward nonetheless.