Festival Goers Unite!


So we kicked of last weekend with a family trip to Gebhard Woods in Morris, IL. Boy is it a beautiful thing to play and listen to dulcimer music in a state park! All of us outdoorsy Yoders find it a very fitting combination. Kids can run and play in the great outdoors and we all get to enjoy refreshing beauty for the eyes and the ears!

Gebhard Woods is a park area with lots of water, located on the I & M Canal. There are lots of biking and walking options for the activity inclined, or for those interested in sitting in the shade, drinking iced tea and listening to concerts, you can grab your fill all day long both Saturday and Sunday! Delightful!

So after visiting with so many of you there in IL, we came away with a few thoughts: One is about the care of dulcimers in this warming weather – as you lug your dulcimer out and enjoy the sunshine, remember to take good care of your dear wooden instrument by setting it up in the shade whenever possible and NOT leaving it in your car, where it will quickly overheat and be pulled out of tune. Not only does your dulcimer like the extra love and care but you will also appreciate not having to spend a million hours tuning it up after the extreme temperature changes!

The second thing we want to say is how much fun it is to meet you all and see you growing from workshop to workshop! Each one of you has so much passion for your instrument and beauty inside you, it’s fun to see it expressed in the music you play. I know we instructors challenge you at times but you all respond so beautifully to the new ideas, that I already look forward to seeing how much better you and your music are when we meet again next year!

Thank you Gebhard Woods organizers and participants for a wonderful festival. We’ll see you again soon!


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