Healing and Hurt

I had a young man yesterday who was doing just that during my concert. He was just laying in the sun and grass while I played. He came up and shook my hand afterward and said “thanks that was really awesome”. “Did you fall asleep?” I asked. He said, “No way! That was too rich to miss!”

Somewhere, I may have helped him. Not sure, I’ll leave that up to God. There’s not too many times in our daily lives that we stop to listen and rest. When we do we heal and hurt and we need not be afraid of either.

I also just had an email from a friend and fellow player who said that she was avoiding listening to my Chocolate Skies CD, especially “In May” because it’s always touched her and brought on a watershed moment.

I’m always amazed at statements like these because I don’t think any particular song to be more healing than the next. I just believe that who I am comes through in my songs and that Who is in me colors my songs with His beauty. But I’ll take it and I’ll keep playing and creating because of shared stories like these. So thank you to all who share and listen. I often tell people that I hope they find hurt and healing in my songs. I strongly believe that they both lead to wholeness and life.

I love when you all come out and treat us like family too. Yesterday in Bartlett, IL, a couple came out to see me because they saw me last year. They have 6 kids, I have 7 and so we had an initial connection. But since then, they’ve become friends because of Fan Friday and emails and we also have a connection in spirit. They brought me a goodie bag to share with the family. A wonderful loaf of bread and a jar of home canned pickles that I’m waiting to open until Wes comes back home after the 4th where he’s spending time at a friends house. Wesley loves dill pickles and he wanted to open them up there.


So thank you again friends. In my emails Donna and I often write, “Hello friends and family”. This is not by mistake. Most of you love me and my music but also you love my family and that makes you family to all of us as well. You make the road special to me. Donna and the kids love it when I get home with stories and goodies from all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate all your prayers and love and kindness. I’m thankful for another year of making music for you and I hope for many more.

Many blessings to you on this holiday week. Be safe, blessed, and rich in life. May every road hold a ray of hope.