My new baby is almost ready to come home to me. I’m really...

My new baby is almost ready to come home to me. I’m really excited about getting to hear her and maybe play her on the new album. She might not be studio worthy yet, she couldn’t have the sound yet of Jania, the one that I’ve been playing almost non-stop for 5 years since I won the national title. She’s got a sound all her own. Russell made sure that I got exactly what I wanted and we built her from the ground up. I was there in December to pick out woods and colors and I designed a special inlay that has three meanings for me. I’ll write about those next week when she comes. I’ll also post some videos of what she sounds like too. Speaking of the studio…Donna and I just had a conversation with our good friends from Illinois, Len and Mary, and through talking about business and the new album, they were able to helps us gain some clarity about where we should go. So starting today I’m going into the studio to start making this new album happen. I don’t have total vision for the album but I have some clarity and resources that I need to take advantage of so I can move forward and make you my most killer album yet. I’ll be posting about it here on Tumblr and also through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and our newsletter. If you want to follow the daily progress, come search for me at those places and the website I’m super psyched about this and I’ve got some fun surprises for you. :) Thanks so much for being fans and friends. And thanks again to Len and Mary for their ears and counsel. Much needed at this time. Shalom, Ted


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