O Holy Night

 I woke up this morning without knowing what I would play for you today. This can be frustrating for me but I've also learned to just roll with it and it will all work out. So I spent the day helping Donna get the house rearranged for the new little one that will grace our home this January. We had to move the boys up to the attic, which they are thrilled about by the way, and Lyssa and Lyra get their own bed and room for the first time in their little lives.

 So, after all that I had about an hour or two to come up with something to play for you all. I heard this song being played on the computer and I just had to learn it to share with you. I'm always looking for songs that have just that little extra twist to it and this one sure grabbed me.

 I hope yo enjoy it and I hope that it blesses you. Merry Christmas again and may all the blessings of heaven be yours.