Snakes should not deter you!

I absolutely love what I do for a living. I've been blessed in many ways to have the joy of working with my wife and family and to have a worldwide audience when I go live on FB and make videos for YouTube. I'm still always amazed at how I get to make music to feed my family and on top of that, I have a wonderful "fan family" who enjoys what I create.

On a summer day in June, Donna, Wes (my oldest son and videographer), and I went to find a river to film my new single video of "Bent but Never Broken". While we were setting up I saw a water snake sitting on the bank of the river. I went to grab my dulcimer and get ready to film and he was gone when I came back. Then as I entered the water, there he was right in the shallows and right in my path. Donna caught it on video and it was quite funny.

We went on to shoot the video with nothing more from the snake but periodically I would check the water around me just to be sure he wasn't slithering close by. I'm sure he wouldn't have done anything to me, it was just a little unnerving. :)

As I was thinking on what to write for this little blog, I started thinking about fear and being uncomfortable in life. Growth never comes when were not being challenged or uncomfortable with where we're at. If you're sitting on a nail, you're going to move if it makes you uncomfortable enough. You may be doing something which requires facing some pretty big fears in your life. Your fears don't really go away but there's such a huge reward when you not only face your fears but later you have a story to tell.

Our stories are what we need to share with each other, because it's through the stories of others we get excited for possibilities or chances for tenderness. It's how we connect and move forward. It's how we laugh and cry. It's how we know we're not dead yet and there still may be a fear to conquer and a dream to be fulfilled and then yet another story to tell.

So go live your life. Take adventures. Face some fears. Then tell your stories. Listen to others stories. God has made us in an amazing way where we are able to bend but never break. We are highly resilient and we have a great capacity to carry not only our own stories but the stories of others. It's a wonderful way to live life and understand our fellow humans and what makes them who they are.

Go out with strength knowing you may bend low sometimes but you will never break. Don't let the snakes deter your adventures.

Bent but Never Broken