Summer Wrap Up.

Hello friends, family and Ted Heads!

Well this has been a refreshing week to rest and work from home as we reflect on our summer of festivals and touring. It has been a whirlwind of new places and experiences at times, but a blessed summer of meeting many of you and becoming a little family together here. You have been with us from the unexpected car troubles on our way to Evart, MI to our long haul out to Winfield, KS in a new 15 passenger van and we have enjoyed our travels and the many friendships that have come from them.

This week we have had more time to work on upcoming plans and vision for the next season and here’s what is really burning in our hearts for you. First is the making of the new CD! From Fan Fridays we have this whole treasure trove of songs and memories to draw from and we are basing the album on the music you helped us create this year. So here’s the big favor I have to ask of you… Will you take a minute and peruse the Fan Friday archive and let me know of your three favorite Fan Friday songs? Or if you know right off the top of your head, just hit reply and let me know what you would most like to hear on the album. :) We really want to get a feel for what you all have enjoyed most so that we are including what you want on the CD. I will then meet with my producer, Gersh, in mid October to show him our favorites and get him going on the collaboration of making all of our Fridays come to life in the studio. This is such an exciting project- I can’t wait to get it going!!

We are also brainstorming a way to get more instructional material ready for the many HD players we met this summer who want a little coaching as they grow in their musical adventures. Some great ideas for weekly video lessons are coming together and we will especially be keeping everyone on our HD players list informed of those plans as they develop. If you are not yet on that list and want to be, please reply here so that I get the most current information to you quickly.

We will hit the road again Oct 4th for our trip to OK for the Winter Creek Reunion Festival and our tour of the Master Works dulcimer shop! We are excited for the venture out west and the chance to spend lots of time learning about the building of dulcimers. Thanks to Russell Cook for sponsoring my workshops and performance at this festival where I look forward to meeting more friends and hanging out with members of the Red River Valley Dulcimer Club! If you live out west, come join us at this festival, we’d love to meet you!

As always, peace to you,
Ted and Donna for the whole family

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