The Atlantic and back.

The Atlantic and back.

This is just one of many photos that we have of our time in Atlantic Beach, NC. We had some friends offer us their beach house for a whole week. It was simply marvelous to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean for a whole week. I really missed that when we left. I love living in the midwest but I could get used to being on the ocean.

I wanted to play a Fan Friday video for you on the beach but the sound of the surf was too loud. I’ll record another song from the orchard tomorrow before I leave for Pittsburg, PA. You can go to the website or to YouTube to watch any that you may have missed. I also have two new songs that you can download from the website. They’re part of the “Songs From The Orchard” series. A summer set of songs solo hammered dulcimer, totally impromptu, and recorded outdoors.

We’ll see you in a couple days with another Fan Friday video.

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