Un-Cloudy Eyes

I've been home on the couch a lot lately due to back issues. Somehow a few weeks back I irritated my sciatic nerves and I've been on bed rest for almost 3 weeks now. I went out and played a gig Saturday and went into relapse the rest of the weekend. Ugh, I thought I was getting better. 

Anyway, since I've been home seeing the family function and watching/relying on the kids a lot to do my normal stuff, it's been such an eye opener to be there with them and to realize again how fast life is moving by. I can't believe we're into the winter months already and I'm working on Christmas music. It seems like almost yesterday when we we're all up in Evert, MI for the huge dulcimer fest up there.

These "things" that slow us down whether they be a loved on getting sick, a job change, a new born baby, a new love, or sadly the death of someone; these make us see life in a different way. Maybe it's the right way. Maybe it's just clear of clutter. Things we thought we're important. Things we let have more importance than they should. 

I look at this picture of me and the kids when we went skating last winter and how it was so iconic for some of them that they've been talking about it all year long. This was one of those moments when life slows and you relax; or you just let the worries fall away and your eyes become less cloudy. We laugh a lot here at the Yoder house. We laugh at each other and with each other. We laugh when we get so angry that we do something stupid or I end up cussing and saying a funny word. Life slows; cloudy eyes clear and you find it aint so bad.

I love these times. I cherish them. I've never been a nostalgic person. I live too much in the now, but times I'm nostalgic for are these laughing moments. I think God enjoys being in the everyday with us and helping us "un-cloud" our vision.

"May your vision be joyful and memories clear.
May your laughter come from deep beneath your skin.
And in all that you do and in all that you are, 
May your eyes be un-clouded and clear.
And your life be unbridled of fear."