Whispers In The Trees – Hammered Dulcimer

Hello Ted Heads,

I started writing this song earlier this week after a rough day on Tuesday of feeling like I wasn’t getting anything done in music. At some point I walked over to the HD in the living room and started practicing a drum rudiment that I’ve been wanting to improve on and this song just started to come out. Donna thought I’d been working on it for awhile but it really just rolled out. I polished up the remaining parts to the song on Thursday before we went out to shoot the video and “Bob’s your uncle!” here it is.

We also shot this video with iPhones this time. I took Donna with me and we had on stationary on the tripod and then she walked around and shot roaming pictures. I hope you enjoy the finished product.

The setting of course was beautiful. Our friend and neighbor just down the road has a historic cabin in the family and he lent us the grounds. We go down there every now and then to have a cook out in the woods. The bugs weren’t even that bad but it gave us a great environment to shoot in.

If you have any other questions about the video or song, just let me know. Enjoy.

Stay Hammered,

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