Our First Florida Vacation Blog- The Nature Edition

I feel the urge to share some pictures today of our first family trip to Florida. While Ted is working at Busch Gardens we are all here together, enjoying so many beautiful things. I don't really have words to write for this blog but I have been shooting pictures with my new camera that I want to share with you. I'm having lots of fun with this new Christmas toy and while we are here I am creating the habit of taking pictures, ahem, almost every day. (My 365 challenge, to shoot a photo a day, began March 1st and I have a good start, though not a perfect one.)
A trapped butterfly Lyssa rescued and fed nectar to before we released it in the backyard.
It was gracious enough to pose calmly for me while I snapped this shot.
This little tree frog also showed up in our backyard one afternoon.
We've had lots of human visiting like this around the pool too- it's not all about the wild creatures!
And a little blue dragonfly.
Eventually I will learn to use my photo editing capabilities and lighten this photo up so you can see this stunning guy better. Usually I wait till things are "perfect" but I am using this photography to take action and share beauty with the world. Just like my 365 challenge has not been perfectly executed, I won't let a few missed days or an imperfect photo keep me from working on it. I hope you'll come on this journey with me!