You HAVE What it Takes.

In case you're feeling doubtful and frazzled today. 

In case there's more bad news than good in your newsfeed. 

In case everything went wrong this morning and your list of “to do” is still not done... 

You've accomplished something amazing. 

If you've loved the ones close to you. 

Or smiled at a stranger. 

You've brightened the world for the better.  You Have what it takes.

In case you've forgotten, these pictures are posted here just to remind you how much your kindness can make a difference. 

Last month because of the kind acts of people just like you, a whole concert tour was planned that brought Ted to GA, TN, SC and back home again. Do you remember when he posted a FB video saying, "I need help planning a tour to Georgia!"? Well here's proof of what you accomplished! 

Our first stop was in Norcross, GA where ALL TICKETS WERE SOLD at the Lionheart Theatre. :) 


This dulcimer loved the Lionheart spotlight. 

Does anyone have a picture of the Theatre or it’s sign to post in the comments below? I forgot to take one. 

I think Ted liked the spotlight too- what do you think? 

These wonderful people spearheaded getting us into Norcross for the smash hit evening: 

Sean Casey heads up all sorts of wonderful productions at the Lionheart Theatre- check their calendar for what’s happening now. 


I don’t usually take audience photos but this night felt so special, I did. It was just that remarkable. There was a fan in the audience who brought us a homemade gift and another who shared her story of how much Everybody Wants to Rule the World meant to her when it came across her newsfeed over a year ago. She was so excited she even brought her mom out for the evening with her.


Wanna hear the crazy thing? 

This whole night would never have happened except for one person, calling someone in her community to see if they could work together to bring the show to Norcross. 

I call that just about miraculous. You never know when a phone call or a happy post on Facebook can change someone’s world for the better. :) 

Stay tuned, I’ll post more photos from the tour as I sort through them. Right now my computer is DONE with uploading. Meanwhile, keep on keepin’ on. The world needs your special variety of kindness.