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Written for a frosty day.

I was supposed to be putting the kids to bed but as I walked upstairs I had in my hand these new hammers from Bob Bedard that he just sent me. That and my dulcimer is right in my bedroom…

Welcome to the holidays.

Nothing really to say except that I wanted to share a song many of you may not have heard me play. 
Wishing you all the best this holiday season.


Sunrise in the orchard.

The other morning I woke up while the sun was rising thinking and praying for one of my wonderful sisters. So I sent her a text to see how she was doing and we spent the morning texting and watching…

Special Sunday Morning in Metamora, IN

Hi Everyone, 

This past weekend I was again able to bo be a part of a really neat festival in Metamora, IN. I was there two years ago, it was special then and even more special this time. I had…

The stroms a commin'.

 Happy Fan Friday everyone. Thanks for stopping by and making this little video part of your day.

 I have another really great song for you by a Scottsman, Dougie MacLean. "Ready For The Storm" has been a favortie song…

Cover me, please.

 So you'll have to watch the video to get the title. ;-)  We love doing Fan Friday, we're so glad that you do as well, and so we have an open invitation every week for you this year. Watch the…

Bring a Torch!

 We're only one day away from all the festivities of the weekend and so we wanted to bring all the family together for this Fan Friday. Lyra has a special comment to you all at the end so stay close…

O Holy Night

 I woke up this morning without knowing what I would play for you today. This can be frustrating for me but I've also learned to just roll with it and it will all work out. So I spent the day…

A night at the Yoder's.

Good morning everyone, I hope you're having a wondeful December morning. I'm feeling all festive because of last nights fun with the family and video this morning and to pull everything together, it snowed this morning so the earth is…

Swing we now of Christmas...

Hello freidns and fans, here's my first offering of Fan Friday for the Christmas season, "Carol of the Bells". I think my dad would've liked this song a lot. Enjoy.


A song for Dad.

 So the weekend in Nashiville was so special that I wanted to share some of it with you. I don't always like to share these type of videos with you because I like the personal touch to a real Fan…

Come to the Promenade.

This week I had to go back to my old day job and install carpet for a couple days and I'm still sore from it. ;-)  Actually I like the feeling of sore muscles. It makes me feel manly. I'm…

This song should have been longer...

This Coldplay song "Postcards From Far Away" is amazing but I would love for it to be longer. I'll probably try to find a way to stretch it out in a concert but for here, I tried to keep it…

"In May" by Franz Behr

 I've been learning some songs from this old piano book that Donna grew up playing out of. I never had the discipline when I was learning piano to work on these classical pieces but I'm really enjoying them now. I…

Van Morrison's Moondance on the HD!

 This was SOOOOOO fun! I am accompanied this Fan Friday by Brian Keith Wallen on acoustic guitar. We played last night at the Gennet Mansion in Richmond, IN and wanted to share a snippet of the evening with you.


Hey, I'm not in Kansas anymore!

 Well, we're back home and even though it was a wild week in Kansas, it's so good to be home and resting for a little bit. I have a nice song here for you this week for Fan Friday. I…

A song for Donna

We missed you all last week and so we're glad to be back here playing another song for you today. Donna and I celebrated  our 14th year of marriage and so she asked me to learn this Dave Matthews Band…

A Song to Play in my Sleep.

Here's your  Fan Friday video of the week folks! We sure look forward to seeing you every week. Thanks for coming over and 
enjoy the music!


A midnight moon and a hammered dulcimer.

Thanks for coming by everyone. It's good to see you again. This was shot around midnight so that we could have a good full moon to light the way. And it gave us the desired effect of having a song…

It Is Well a Hymn for Fan Friday.

 This week I wanted to give you something new but I figured that it might be nice to hear something familiar. I've had a number of people ask about doing a solo version of "It Is  Well" and so I…

Fan Friday #25 - "The Measure"

 Hi Folks,

 This is a new song for you that I'm going to send to Gersh today for production. I hope you like the bridge or C part, I worked on that chord progression for awhile and I think…

Christmas in July

Hello everyone,

 Come on in and listen to a warm Christmas tune called "The Holly and the Ivy". I love this song and this slightly new version is just for you. I plunked around with it last night before…

Fan Friday from Evart FunFest!

Well things are really stirred up this week and we are bringing a new video to you from the big dulcimer festival in Evart, MI. Enjoy this candid clip of me playing dulcimer in my booth. It's a real taste…

Fan Friday #22 - Bach, Prelude #1 Well Tempered Clavichord

 14 years of marriage and I never knew this was Donna's favorite song. Since I don't write lyrics very often and I definitely don't write love songs, I really wanted to learn this for her birthday which is next week.…