A Bungled Brunch, Biology, and Business Plans

Well I had grand plans of making a breakfast buffet for the family over the weekend- orange juice, zucchini muffins, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. So what happens if I don’t feel like going to the trouble? The first son up made himself a bowl of instant banana oatmeal and I don’t know what the others will find and fix for themselves. Seems a far cry from my grand expectations of a relaxing brunch together. 

Our past week wasn't terribly tiring- don’t think I should have an excuse for not wanting to get up and be busy in the kitchen. We had the usual school hours, a volleyball game, preparation for helping to lead a biology lab in a couple weeks (NOT my natural strength, let me tell ya!), house cleaning and grocery shopping. I did work one day at the soup kitchen too, which can leave me feeling tired but I still wonder at my lack of drive to carry out the Sunday plans. For whatever reason I feel like just sitting around and researching and making lists for future events rather than carry out the work of today. Anyone relate?

On other topics: Ted and I are really excited about his success in business. He just came home from a street festival in a small town, where it can be hard to capture the attention of a chilly and restless audience, and he had stories of a very appreciative audience and many people taking his music home to listen to later on CD. I love knowing that in just a couple months people will be popping in the Christmas CD for the first time and enjoying new music with their families during this special time of year. :) We are preparing to order our third duplication of Comfort and Joy CDs as I write this because we are almost out of our second printing. That means we have sold over 2000 already. :) This album is our biggest seller and I expect we will sell even more this holiday season with the new audiences Ted is playing for. Which leads me to think of TX...

Our trip to Houston is looking really nice and we are saving weekly to have the cash to pay for expenses on our way out there. The whole family will be traveling together on this one, which is a wish fulfilled for Wesley. He has friends who moved to TX this summer and it has triggered his interest in the state. (I haven’t decided if it was the photo of their swimming pool or the GIANT frogs they were catching that grabbed his attention.) But Wes isn’t the only one. We all are ready for a big TX experience this Nov. :) I was trying to find accommodations on the coast when I first started my quest but I believe we will be staying a bit inland because of a cool KOA campground there that offers a heated swimming pool and lots of on site activities so I can keep kids busy and entertained while Ted is working. In my fantasies of the trip we’re gonna take piles of books and I’ll finally have the time to read aloud to the kids and play some games with them too. (Hopefully I carry out those plans with better follow through than my brunch this weekend, eh?) Anyone have good books to recommend that may contain Texas characters or history that we can enjoy together?

Enjoy your loved ones and your work this week.