A Summer Concert on a 160 year old homestead

Last month we all had the blessing of going with Ted to a super sweet house show held in a barn that's been in the same family, the Knoops, for 160 years. I took the time to grab my camera and boy am I glad I did! I snapped lots of photos and today I get to share my favorites with you.

Gib and Jan Knoop were the hosts of this fun event and the kids and I were excited to be able to ALL GO TOGETHER with Ted, something that hasn't happened in far too long. Let's face it, it's easier to travel 1 hour south in your own state than 3000 miles out west.

It was a warm day with rain threatening so the kids played outdoors and warded off the heat with cold beverages while Ted got set up and tuned.

I love how Lyra has already kicked her flip flops off and made herself at home. Our hosts were just that gracious. :)

We brought our brand new puppy, Hammond, along and he behaved pretty well for being so young. He napped and then played quietly with the kids on the lawn.
Ted waiting for the spotlight- Look closely and you'll see Gib in the background giving a warm introduction.
I couldn't help but turn on my black and white filter when I was in the barn- it was a magical place to hold a concert. It's not every day you get to touch beams and floor boards with the history of 100 years in their rough-hewn sides.

The audience was warm and chatty- asking questions, placing song requests and heckling Ted. You can be sure he just heckled them right back!
Lyra and I sat on the lawn outside and took selfies while the concert was drawing to a close.

And what is else is a boy supposed to be doing on a 100 year old farm?! Jesse was either trying to climb this tree or pushing trucks in the sandbox all afternoon.

And here are your hosts, the Knoops, with Ted. Just look at all the happy faces! Thank you Jan and Gib for sharing your friends with us and opening your home to our family. House concerts are always one of a kind events and a blast to enjoy. The fun of working with you all in sharing the joy of Ted's music with others is such a reward. Thanks for making us so rich friends. People may argue with me, but I still say that Ted has the BEST fans in the whole world. (wink) You know who you are. :)
Jan, Ted and Gib
P.S. Ted loved the barn so much he went back a couple weeks later and filmed his latest You Tube video, an old Rich Mullins song, Heaven is Waiting, there. Check it out!