A Surprise and a Heavenly Fall

TED IS HOME! Late Monday night Ted came home from a 13 day trip that we thought would keep him on the road another day. I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so I was still up on the couch at the unusual-for-me-hour of midnight when I looked up to see Ted standing in the light of the hallway, grinning. I nonchalantly called the older kids, who were up in their rooms quietly chatting and watched as one by one the surprise hit them and they ran for their hug from dad. It’s so fun when he can get home earlier than expected. :) We were all pretty tired and unmotivated midweek last week and were painstakingly counting the days until our normal family life could resume.

While Ted was gone some of my family from MI did come to visit so there were cousins to play with and some extra activities with grandparents taking place, to keep us hopping and to help fill the void. We all went to a corn maze for the first time ever and had fun climbing on hay bales and soaking up the weekend sun with my parents. The weather was just Fall Hoosier perfection and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter time together.

I wish we could transport you all here on a breezy fall evening to watch an IN sunset with us. The dusky peach skies over the fields just feel like God is painting a beautiful quilt around the day to wrap us in His comfort as we rest for the next day of work and adventure. Roasting marshmallows in the backyard on a night like that always makes me ponder and I conclude, "How precious is the life we all have been blessed with!"

This is always a time of year when we think about heaven a little bit more in our house. 19 years ago Ted’s dad, Lester, died suddenly in a car accident on October 25th. I never met him face to face but I hear I would have liked many things about him. He would have been my partner in any kind of berry picking on early mornings (no one around here is very interested in that) and he and Ted's mom would have played cards with me till the cows came home. He taught Ted how to open doors for me all the time and how to make the most tender popcorn in the world. This goes very well with sitting down to enjoy watching my Pack play football. In some ways I feel I have met Lester because Ted gets his charisma and charm and wonderful skills with people from his dad. He talks with his hands and laughs wholeheartedly like his dad. The highest praise that I can give Lester though is that there is no doubt that he loved God. We've got a worn and earmarked edition of one of his old Bibles and it's precious to imagine how much he must have pored over those pages in the early morning hours before he headed off to work. Lester was a gentleman to his wife and tender toward his children. He was generous and compassionate. So many of these wonderful traits are being left by the wayside today and while Lester was by no means perfect, he and Kathryn sure did raise their kids to love each other and to love their Savior. Our little crew here still feels the effect of Grandpa Yoder on their lives because of the love he received from heaven and gave to his family as they were growing under his roof.

So while we enjoy Ted’s early arrival home and a couple of refreshing days of quiet work at home, I’ll be turning around the idea of his Dad’s early arrival in his eternal home 19 years ago. The smiles and hugs that flew around there must have been quite the sight! I tend to be a plan in to the future kind of gal and I can let TODAY slip by without enjoying it, whilst I plot out the next future endeavor. This week is my reminder to seize this moment for what it is and throw a few extra hugs and smiles into the world.
This earth is sure is an amazing place to spend a lifetime!