A week of gold

I find it so fitting, the timing of things. This past week has held one of those precious, sweet, life-changing moments that we are only privileged enough to experience a few times here on earth. It has been a week of gold and the main event that has made it so dear to me is that on Saturday a close family friend, Dawn Clark, suddenly finished her earth-hike and went on to spend eternity with Jesus. She has impacted me, and you too, because I never would have taken up writing emails or blogs like this without her specific encouragement that you all would enjoy hearing not only from Ted but from me too about our family's journey into Ted's professional career in music. 

You see in 2010, when we decided to pursue Ted's career as an entertainment artist full time, we had recently moved back to IN from the suburbs of Chicago and were dealing with all sorts of adjustments. We were temporarily living with my brother (and learned we were pregnant with a new baby), when Ted was unexpectedly released from his day job which supplied 90 percent of our income at the time. Dawn and her husband Jeff were there through those terrific and sometimes scary days, to tell us to be crazy, to trust God, to follow our desires, and to all-out go for it. Their visits usually included strong coffee, tears, prayer, lots of laughter, and when the need arose, a $5 bill or bushels of apples and summer produce to fill our pantry and our stomachs. During those days when we came home from a weekend gig with cash we would take some of the first of it and put gas in the van for the drive over to the Clarks. We just HAD to tell them about the people we were meeting and the good God was doing for us! Jeff and Dawn stuck closer than a brother even when it was inconvenient, when neither of our families had money, and when they were tired and weary themselves. Their constant Source was God and they found a way even in the difficulties of their life to bring strength and laughter to ours. Even their kids jumped into helping us, by taking our kids to the park so we parents could visit without interruption (now THAT'S a gift!), by making desserts and extra pots of coffee when the hour got late, and by lending their talents to our business when we had no for-seeable money with which to pay them. (Their oldest daughter, Danica has taken the majority of Ted's warm and wonderful publicity photos and CD images through the years.)

So the timing of this is something I find remarkable and yet not at all surprising. Ted has wanted to transition to me having my own little corner here on the website to write my own blog about life in the Yodah house and (wouldn't you know?) by supernatural timing, this new venture is now ready for release just as a friend who has helped me grow to become more of who my Maker made me to be, has been freed to go meet Him face to face.

This little blog is here to be a celebration of the life and joy in our family, and my hope is that just like Jeff and Dawn Clark have spurred us on to appreciate God's good work in our lives, that it will inspire you to look for and count the love and the good things that are evident in yours. We are so thankful for you all and the richness you add to our home by sharing the stories that make up your life, with us. Keep on living, loving, and looking for the gold that is yours to invest in the days you have here. You just never know when you'll get to go see how much it has multiplied!