Just A Letter

An email from Donna to me...

"I've had all sorts of moments in mind to share with you and when I realized it was too much to text a novel idea occurred to me... Why not go back a couple decades and write something longer than two sentences?! (Gasp)

The kids are so full of happiness. You'd think I'd done a lot more than take them to the library this evening!
They behaved so well.
Jesse remembered to whisper the whole time we were there and walked happily out clutching his Little Einsteins video.
Seth helped Lyssa look up her book title (without motherly prompting) and held little kids hands in the parking lot. (Also without prodding)

They are excited to be planning for WI. Our Seth made a calendar of what day he will mow, when we will pack and what time we're leaving. It's helping pass the time already. And for more folks than just Seth. 

Lindy babysat this morning so I could pick up milk and she ran things well. No conflicts with Seth and she creatively dealt with Jesse's Big Fit by holding him in her lap until he stopped fussing. When Jesse was asked about it he nodded his head and then smiled saying, "cocatt milk". She was nurturing enough to give him chocolate milk afterward. What a mommy she will make. :)

Lyssa is so excited about her birthday that I can hardly keep her from discussing the details constantly. The calendar is such a hit. :) I likely should scale back the gifts though. Am I raising in them an unreasonable expectation that the world will celebrate their birthday with them for a week? 

Well tired of typing with one finger and need to take Lyssa's contact out

Love you