Alpaca and three photo shoots

As I read your responses to the campaign to raise funds for the new CD, the biggest marketing adventure Ted and I have put together to date, I think back to the night we got the photo for the Songs From the Orchard project. Here’s the behind the scenes story. 

I scheduled a morning photo shoot with our daughter Leaha twice in a row, to try to capture a silhouette of Ted with his dulcimer and an Indiana sunrise behind him. The first morning was rainy and cold. And the cats bombed the photo shoot. Strike one. 

The next morning was not raining but unfortunately still very cold with lots of cloud cover. While the sun did rise, multiple layers of clouds hid the light show. Bummer. Strike two. Ted is not fond of being awakened early to have unsuccessful photo opportunities. I began to wonder how this was going to happen. I was trying to beat the cold weather and the daylight savings time change which would make the sunrises happen yet an hour earlier which would be even harder to pull off with my busy daughter and my late night husband. What to do? 

Then I went with Ted to one of his evening events- a lovely dinner and concert at Heritage Farms, a classic Hoosier family farm with a beautiful barn for weddings and a stately herd of alpaca grazing on the hillside. The owners had graciously invited me to come along and set a place at the table for us to join them for a delicious feast of smoked brisket, lamb and roasted vegetables before the concert. 

While we were waiting that night for the meats to finish roasting, the sun began to set on those Indiana hills and we realized we had a quick moment to try to capture the elusive photo at sunset. I drug Ted up to the concert barn where he quickly set up his dulcimer outside the barn and posed there for me. I snapped a photo with my iPhone for reference and then I fiddled with Leaha’s camera to see if I could capture a higher quality photo to use in the album design. Interestingly, because I am not as familiar with Leaha’s camera as she is, my favorite shot is still the one I snapped with my phone. ;) 

(Donna's Iphone shot)
(Leaha's camera- I just needed to back up more!)

And now you know…the rest of the story!