Pizza in a hurry and holidays on the way

It’s Monday night, time to write a little update for you all and I kind of forgot about it for the last hour. (oops) We’re gathered in the living room for our fall Monday and Tuesday evening tradition… watching The Voice. When dinner time rolled around tonight we were suddenly overtaken by a hunger for pizza and I was out of traditional pizza ingredients so we scrambled to borrow flour for crust from my sister in law and dug around in the fridge for whatever we could find for toppings. Wesley courageously entered the kitchen and helped me pull it all together. We ended up with a cheese pizza for the littles, cheeseburger pizza for our middle sized bears and a chicken provolone pizza with peppers for the grown ups. Yum! I was feeling really tired after scaring up enough ingredients for dinner, wondering what I would write about as we cleaned up afterward. Haven't come up with an answer yet. Any suggestions?  

We are excitedly counting down the days to the Christmas tour in TX. Only 25 more! I’m trying to wrap my mind around how we can be packed for the trip and also ready for Christmas when we return home. This is going to be a year of many new “traditions” I think. Cause let’s face it, we won’t be putting up a tree with a two week absence! But we are so excited for the new opportunities in this special way of celebrating. We are beginning to see that house shows are a very wonderful building block in Ted’s business and we are looking at ways to make our family schedule mesh better with Ted’s touring on house show tours more often. You guys end up becoming an extension of our family when you open your homes to Ted and host concerts for your friends and neighbors. Having the opportunity to celebrate with you through Christmas house shows is just a once in a lifetime kind of treat. Thanks for your excitement and your open hearts to us. 

Wanna hear how our family votes on Voice singers of the night? Damien, Reagan, James David, Craig Wayne and Mia, a surprising number of country singers in there for Ted and I who are not country fans- we must be getting ready inside and out for the Texas Big Country.