The Sacred Everyday


If you had told me two and a half weeks ago the wonders and trials that the coming week would hold I would have said, “Nah. Only so much can happen in a day.” Let me tell you, it is amazing the long journey your heart can travel in a short span when your loved ones are sick. I will try to paint a birds eye summary without making this a forever long message.


There was a medical emergency on my (Donna’s) side of the family. Lots of trips back and forth and phone calls were flying around while we circled the wagons this month.

For the first time Ted had an inflamed sciatic nerve start acting up. Worst pain he’s ever been in I think. I’m telling everybody, “Those back problems can just go away and leave him alone!”

We verbally agreed to hire a producer for the new album (Yay) and began looking at contracts and working in the business on the next steps there.

My niece gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl. The good news came sandwiched between the difficult and were signs of grace and life to keep our perspective bright.


Somehow, with all these happenings going on, life in a household of 9 still acted like it needed to still go on, somewhat unaware of the time and thought needed for the extra phone calls or the needs of a couched husband. (Which were mostly ice, ibuprofen, back rubs and company. Some of those things I did better at than the others.) For some reason the volleyball games still continued, people needed to eat and the laundry still needed to be washed. And for some reason through my fussings about a cluttered house and my impatience with the kids, God saw fit to carry us all through together, one day at a time.


With tears in my eyes I nod my head and write these words, because in this jumble of sometimes heart-stopping time I have seen divine fire turn human dross to gold.

In my sister who stood firm in what she knows to be true and in my brother in law who is a champion protector.

In my husband, who loves me as I am and not as the perfect wife I want to be when he is feeling sick.

In my kids who said “I forgive you” every time I apologized for snapping at them… again. 

In sister in laws who moved mountains to free me up and in promotors who understood Ted’s reason for leaving a gig suddenly.

In those who stayed behind to hold down the fort and in those who went ahead, cooked meals and played a million games of hide and seek to keep little ones happy. (You know who you are.)

And in all of you who responded generously to our excitement over recording the new music and sent a flood of internet orders in.

Shoot! even gold in the mail lady who did her job well and took our big stack of shipments and got them where they needed to go last week when were too stretched to run one more errand. Because life did move forward rather than stop and we all needed it to. And you are a part of what I treasure in my heart when I think over the emotions of the last three weeks.


Time has been a tangle of hugs, ice, prayers, paperwork, laughter, dishes, tears and car rides.

There were times my heart was in one place while my body was in another and times where I wanted time itself to go away so that I could treasure the gifts we were receiving as we stood together with loved ones in their fiery trial. 

It was painful and we were comforted at the same time.

It was sacred and everyday all at once and I’m grateful for learning that the intersection of the two is a very precious place to be.