There's a tent in my living room.

There’s a tent in my living room.

4  of the kids are playing Minecraft.

2 teenagers are upstairs on their computers. 

And one small woman is sitting here on a borrowed laptop trying to string more than 4 words together. My thoughts are jumbled with spelling lists, menus and family schedules. What was I thinking, waiting till the end of the day to write a blog?!

But here’s something that’s been going on in my brain this week. Ted has been reading me snippets from a book that is really revealing two big roadblocks to my well-being when it comes to the way I think about money. So here’s the short version.


  1. I complain about what I don’t have. A lot. Ouch. I have been making poor choices to be negative about what I don’t have. I have mumbled and grumbled about this little bill over here or that need over there too much in my lifetime. Time to throw out that sour habit  and replace it with an optimistic heart of thankfulness!
  2. In taking an honest look at my thoughts about money I see a sloppy habit of making excuses for why I shouldn’t have very much of it. If I am wanting to have money to bless my kids and also share with others, then I need to quit using phrases like, “I don’t need tons of money from this I just…” Why don’t I just do my best work and let the money that follows it be part of the reward of a job well done, hmm? 
  3. Ted is muttering at the keyboard with a pencil behind his ear. Hmm. Strange things are happening around here. He must be working on a song. I haven’t seen him write on piano for a long time, ladies and gentlemen.  Be on the lookout for something new!