Winter Wonderland Part 2

  We had lots of fun ice skating since the last blog.

Bench full of fun

Our Monday off was a very warm day, which was good for keeping fingers and toes warm, but that meant a 1/2” slick of water floating over the ice. This equaled more than a few wet bums by afternoon’s end. I learned some interesting things about the kids through it though.  Our 8 year old took to the ice like a fish to water and I’m seeing a pattern in her- Ted’s unique ability to learn new things quickly has apparently been given to her as well. The 6 year old among us soon got along without holding anyone’s hand and that also surprised us all. She was unafraid and smiling where we thought she would feel intimidated and out-of-sorts at the challenge.

Bold and Adventurous

 Our 10 year old son was man enough to wear white skates that were not boys hockey skates and still have a good time with the rest of the gang and that’s quite the character test if you ask me. (I forgot until the last minute that he was not equipped with his own skates.) 

A Manly Man

 All in all lots of laughs and smiles accompanied the day and Ted earned a few marks in my book for wearing men’s figure skates and enjoying the day with us when he probably would rather have been reading a book on the couch or watching a movie on his day off. Next time I plan an event like this, remind me not to do it right after he returns home from a road trip, wouldya?

 This week I am preparing for our second daughter’s 13th birthday and getting ready for a March consignment sale. I have too much stuff in closets and the basement that just needs to be shared with someone else. Love from the Yoder's, who are wrapping up the winter and setting sights on new blessings and warmer weather to come.