Progressive hammered dulcimer & marimba led band from northern Indiana

APAP 2022 Showcases

General Program Overview (14m 18s)
Experience virtual, live, and full production with strings - a quick taste of what the Ted Yoder Band offers.

Virtual Program (13m 50s)
Whether it's a livestream or pre-recorded production, the Ted Yoder Band is ready to flex for the current needs of virtual audiences without sacrificing quality.

Christmas & Winter Program (14m 23s)
Built around the 2020 album Shadowlight, this winter program can be customized for both before and after the holiday season with virtual and live flexibility.

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Ted Yoder

"Ted Yoder is the Bela Fleck of the hammered dulcimer" Michael Johnathon (Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour)

Ted Yoder Band is a progressive hammered dulcimer & marimba led band from the Midwest (Indiana/Ohio) featuring "the Bela Fleck of the hammered dulcimer" Ted Yoder. Ted became a household name in 2016 when his Facebook Live version of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" rocketed to 53 million views in 4 days (it continues to circulate social media with over 107 million views). Amidst the social chatter, he attracted a band of rebels who share the same passion of breaking out of instrumental stereotypes and paying homage to their 70s and 80s roots. With musical conversations swirling between hammered dulcimer and marimba (Sarah Haag), and fretless bass (Toby Hazlett) over a bed of acoustic percussion (Doug Haag), Ted Yoder Band brings new textures to familiar songs and nostalgic vibes in fresh originals. Ted has 7 beloved and critically acclaimed albums with the infusion of strings on Shadowlight (2020) and a live string quartet at select performances!

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"Leave your expectations behind. You might have heard the hammered dulcimer before, but you haven't experienced the hammered dulcimer until you've heard it played by Ted Yoder." 

Tim Kays - Reporter Northwest Ohio

"In many ways, Ted Yoder is the perfect musician for the 21st century; his passionate playing style and easy-going personality make him a natural online star." 

 "It’s impossible to imagine that one wooden stringed instrument can sound like an entire rock band or a whole symphony orchestra all in one." 

Kristi Wooten - Huff Post

Genre & Touring Overview

Genre - Progressive Acoustic Rock

  • Instrumental (hammered dulcimer, marimba, percussion, fretless bass)  |  Cinematic (with option for string quartet)  |  Classic rock/pop & folk covers + originals
  • Song list options include originals only or originals + covers (vocals on some covers)
  • Winter program available with flexible options to include Christmas songs or remain suitable for January/February timeframe


  • Based out of Goshen Indiana; open to nationwide opportunities
  • Virtual performances available (pre-recorded or livestreamed)
  • Touring company includes 4 core band members and 1-2 off-stage staff; additional personnel may include sound engineer and string quartet
  • 3 hour load-in & sound check / 1 hour strike time
  • Normal performance runs 60-90m without intermission; options for multiple sets, intermissions, and shorter sets available
  • Minimum stage requirements:
    25ft long x 10ft deep (for 4 piece band)
    30ft long x 20ft deep (for band + string quartet)
    Entire stage MUST be in full shade and protected from rain if outdoors
    Failure to provide above space & cover will result in a $500 surcharge

Ideal Venues/Events

  • Community theaters & performing arts centers
  • Outdoor concert series (full cover & electricity required)
  • Museums, wineries, restaurants with live music focus
  • Fine arts & local specialty celebrations
  • Education programs (general education, libraries, music schools, corporate training)
  • Click here for the current concert schedule

Agreement Options

  • The band is available for private events of any size and seated layouts of 150+ for public shows
  • Agreements can be established as:
    Flat Fee (Performance or All-In Rates)
    Door Split / Venue-Managed Ticketing
    Band-Managed Ticketing
    Block Booking Discounts Available

For social media, booking, and administrative questions contact Sarah Haag at

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Presenter/Promoter Resources

Ted Yoder - hammered dulcimer & vocals
Sarah Haag - marimba
Toby Hazlett - fretless & upright bass
Doug Haag - percussion

String quartet members will vary; names may not be available in advance.

Promotional copy, contract template, and rider/venue guide available below to download.

Ted Yoder Band Bio (single paragraph & extended versions) Need bio copy? This document includes current short and long versions 15.1 KB
Rider and Guide for Venues All details a venue or organizer needs to assist with hosting the Ted Yoder Band: band contacts, meal & lodging needs, stage plots, etc. 690 KB
Educational Programs Overview Sample outreach programs for a variety of audiences available from the Ted Yoder Band. 18.4 MB
Blank Performance Contract Please complete this or use for reference while booking the Ted Yoder Band. 226 KB
Multiple Performances Contract Addendum If booking more than 1 performance under the same contract, please complete this form in addition to the Performance Contract. 123 KB

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