A moment to celebrate!

Man do I LOVE my job!

Ever had a moment where you took a deep breath and were just FULL of gratitude for the delight and quality of your life? Looking back at photos of this evening in March at Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour is one of those for me. Hammered dulcimers have been calling my name for two decades now and to reach this moment seems, well, indescribable! The words that roll around in my head and trip me up aren’t big enough or grand enough to convey the excitement and success this evening on stage represented in my life. I mean, holy cow, I was introduced to this new audience in the same breath as Malcolm Dalglish!

Then too the Woodsongs audience was a wonderful group of people! I wish now that I had more photos of them. I don’t know exactly how I struck them but they surprised me by both their enthusiasm and their tenderness. I played a selection of mostly upbeat and joyful songs but snuck in my favorite version of a hymn towards the end of the night. When I began to play It Is Well, I think you could have heard a pin drop! It was so restful, so full of peace. Such a beautiful and precious moment! I think that’s the real fun of concerts, they become what they are because you are involved with me and we are experiencing the moment together.

So till the next concert, I’ll look through the lens of these photos, keenly aware of the favor and grace I have been given, glad to remember the beauty of what God has blessed me with and grateful for more days to keep playing my favorite instrument and meeting more of you!

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