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Now you can order 5 of Ted's latest CDs in one bundle for one low price. Includes "Songs From The Orchard" "Chocolate Skies" "Hymns" "Ted Yoder" "Comfort and Joy".


Songs from the Orchard is Ted's first studio album since the Facebook Live video of his version of Everybody Wants to Rule the World went viral.This instrumental CD primarily features Ted's honest backyard dulcimer playing but takes folk music and his traditional instrument to the next level. Ted debuts his emotive vocals on two tracks which adds a beautiful soft touch to an already elegant collection of songs. The calm and relaxing vibe of this innovative album is both smooth and powerful. With Ted's leaning to classic rock you get a CD that is both energetic and soothing. This is your go to CD  when you need to get away. 


Swarming with exceptional musicians from Nashville, you'll find drums, bass, fiddle, cello, mandolin, and acoustic guitars blend perfectly with the hammered dulcimer on this totally instrumental album. 


This brand new full-length album by Ted Yoder throws you deep into what Ted does best. Taking you on a journey of musical creativity from classical to Beatles, a green little frog (Rainbow Connection) to stunning original compositions, this album was built by the fans, for the fans and will surely be a favorite for years to come. 

Solo hammered dulcimer with a little percussion. 


A full-length album bringing you fantastic, energetic instrumental renditions of Christmas songs. Instantly classic and sure to be a holiday favorite. 

Hammered dulcimer with beautiful synth textures and drums. 


This 6 song EP is a fresh, instrumental collection of some of Ted's favorite hymns. The hammer dulcimer takes the lead with drums, percussion and swirling keys smoothing out the background. Satisfying and rich. 

Hammered dulcimer with electronic synth textures and world drums. 


SPECIAL EDITION!!! Only available here.

A solo dulcimer EP, 6 songs, 4 of the pieces I performed at the Walnut Valley Folk Festival where I won the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship title. 

Solo hammered dulcimer recorded in one take.