A Car Accident, A Greater Plan. Part 2

I suppose  that you’ve read Donna’s post  by now. If not, you’ve got to read that. She’s so good at what she does and there’s a video of me singing at a great concert hall in Madison, WI there as well. Click here to Read more… Then come back and join me here. :)

It’s late, around 12:30am and everyone is sleeping except me. While the trip that we took as a family this weekend didn’t come back the way we’d hoped, God did bless us with a sandwich of good things. Before we left on Sunday for Madison, WI, I had two gigs on Saturday. One in the afternoon from 1-4pm at a pumpkin farm. No, fairies didn’t come to turn anything into coaches but I met some great people, and the people who work there and own it are always a blessing to play and work for. Right down to the mother of the owners who practically ran down to listen to me play when she heard last minute that I was there.

Right after I packed up, I headed up to central Michigan for a dinner and show performance. I cut it close but made it there in time to tune a little and make a set list. Boy was that a night of music. Things just flowed, the crowd loved it and Donna said I played my best music yet. What a dream day full of music and memories. I thought I couldn’t end it any other way but another competition win in Madison. So needless to say I was very disappointed when I didn’t win something on Sunday night.

But on the way home I get two emails. One from a lady who books gigs at a local concert hall here in IN called the Honeywell Center. I took her out to lunch one day to ask her questions about the industry. They want to book me for a smaller venue in town in Feb. 2015. Cool.  A step in the right direction. But then it got better. Another email came in from a school in Houston, TX. It looks like the Yoder’s are going to be spending two weeks in Texas before Christmas. BAM!!! We are seriously excited about this.

With all that happening, I got behind on my writing, so I’m working on this posting later than I’d wanted to, and my mind is spinning with what to tackle tomorrow to make sure I don’t miss any steps. Oh, and I might be heading to Virginia for a week around Thanksgiving too. Donna hasn’t heard about that email because she fell asleep and now I can’t tell her. :)

So off to where I left you last week…,

I crawled out of the front window of the minivan.

Ted Yoder car accident 2007If you look close, you can see two things.

1. My seat is broken and laying back. This is not just laying back from the lever on the side. It is broken in half.

2. There’s a big “V” in the head rest where the roof caved in and hit. My head should have been crushed and probably broken my neck and died the same as my dad did in 1995. But all my head injuries were on the side of my head and my neck only had deep muscle tissue damage.

There was and is so much to be thankful for out of this accident. My children and wife are still with me, I’m not in a wheel chair, I’m sure I could go on. When my mother-in-law came into the hospital, I broke down crying because I didn’t have to be strong and watch over my family now all by myself. I remember saying to her, “I couldn’t protect them. I just couldn’t stop it all if I wanted to.” She just hugged me. That’s all I needed then. Sometimes hugs are just the best.

Ted Yoder car accident 2007 2Behind all the thankfulness, helplessness, fear, and uncertainty was a life that I couldn’t see coming. Years of richness that I still marvel at when I take time to see it. And just like this weekend, it’s so full of ups and downs, successes and failures, laughter and sorrow, but over all, there is a hand of providence that keeps us with loving care and kindness that brings peace beyond what we can understand.

We all know that we can’t see what’s ahead no more than we can control the outcome of contests, job changes, unexpected pregnancies, car accidents, or cancers. Sometimes it really is just putting one foot in front of the other until something else happens. Whether God carries us like that old poem of the beach implies or whether we make our own path and God just guides and blesses our efforts, there should be that peace that we and others just cannot understand. Because I’ve lived long enough to know that where God is, there is peace, plain and simple. It couldn’t be any other way. He loves us perfectly just the way he made us and there can be nothing but peace the more we understand that.

I have so much to that I want to share with you about the years following this accident. I would love to have come with me on this journey of faith, trust, laughter, fear, and fun. So hang with me. I’ll try to be winsome and storyteller-ish. I’ll try to bring you into my thoughts and the harder parts that the family and I have endured to get to where we are at now.

But for now, it’s late. I need rest because I want to go running in the morning. I got to get my 6 miles in. :) I’m finding that I need running and that time of focus more and more. It’s for my mental health more than anything.

So until next time… may God keep you and richly bless your soul with kindness. I wish his peace to be your surrounding comfort in this life no matter where it takes you or what you face. The Hebrew language says it best… Shalom

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