A December to Remember

So this may not be a “blog” so much as a newsletter of sorts. December came and went in a flourish because of the long tour and then coming back we headed into our Christmas and New Year celebrations and get-togethers. 

Packed and heading out.

First off I hope your celebrations this holiday season were amazing and fun. Memories are made of both fun and rough times but this year I just hope it was so much fun that you were able to make great memories with family and friends.

So let’s back up a bit and hit the “Snowbird” 2014 tour. Man did we have fun. Lindy, Seth, and I headed out on December 5th and we came back late on the 23rd. I won’t walk you through the whole tour but man did we have fun with friends and fans. The tour was filled with fun food, lots of laughs, and no major incidents, which is good when you’re putting on 3,500 miles in 18 days. We did have an alternator go bad but we were blessed with a house to sleep in, a really good breakfast, and a monetary blessing that made the problem nothing but a bump. You know who you are. :)

And I thought 7 was a lot.

I played at homes, assisted living places, churches, little chapels (house concerts that grew too big), one coffee house, and 2 schools. All told it was 11 shows in 18 days. If you follow me on FaceBook you might have seen this picture of me in front of 400 children in a school program... and that was just the first class. :)

At The Branch school in Houston, TX there was even one child who went home talking about me and the hammered dulcimer so much that his mom called me and wanted to get him one for Christmas. We made it happen.

Of course Lindy, Seth, and I enjoyed TX so much. From the wonderful weather so we could go barefoot in December to the wonderful BBQ we had once we reached Dallas. Of course there was the cow tongue and frog legs and the red snapper étouffée. Man that was really good. We also had some great ribs at a roadside diner south of Dallas.

Piggin' out.

So I can’t go on about the whole tour without thanking everyone who helped book, promote, and make this tour happen and be the best most profitable tour I’ve been on, being both monetarily and richly blessed with new and deeper friendships. I wish I had pictures with everyone who helped and hosted but I’m not so good at keeping track of those while I’m in the moment. I’ll do better in the coming tour. Here’s a quick list of those who made it all happen.

  1. Jackie James at the London Tea Room in St. Louis
  2. Brandon Watson of Immanuel Baptist of Little Rock
  3. Kirby and Sheryl Wagonseller who brought together 2 gigs in Dayton, TX
  4. Jan Tortorella from The Branch School in Houston
  5. Pam Hobart the first house show of the tour
  6. Jan Williams and Laura Bush who helped get Lakeview at Josey Ranch put together
  7. Amy Lyons, Bob McClure, and Janice Marsh for all your work for the Pittsburg, TX show. 
  8. Bruce Davis for being flexible and pulling something together at the last minute.
  9. Keith Ferguson at First Baptist for the final hurrah.

So there really are too many “thank you’s” to pass out but this is all I can do and make this readable. Next time I’m planning on taking more pictures to document the stories and goodness of the most wonderful fans and friends in the world. You all blessed me and my kids so much. Thank you.

My family was very happy to be back together again and now I leave in a couple days for a 2 week stint out in PA and NJ. 

I know that I tell you guys that you’re awesome and I couldn’t do this without you but I am so richly blessed to be able to play music and have such amazing friends like you. You enrich my life daily and I only hope that what I work so hard on here behind the scenes comes out when we get together and share life on a more personal level. I love your stories of life, love, and loss and of course we always laugh don’t we. :) I don’t think you can hang with me and not laugh.

So in closing, I wish you all a wonderful and deeply blessed 2015. We have a lot to look forward to and I hope to share life with you during this year. Let’s make it a crazy good year and build some rich friendships.