A friend and fellow progressor.

Hey ya’ll players and lovers of all things hammered dulcimer. I have a special video of a friend of mine who lives out in California.

I met Garrett at the first ever Chattanooga Dulcimer Festival and we became fast friends. We didn’t ever spend a lot of time together because we lived so far apart but we always caught up with each other at Chattanooga and over the phone every now and then. From the beginning we had a passion to see the hammered dulcimer get more air time outside of our cozy little dulcimer festivals. We both came to know the hammered dulcimer through Rich Mullins and so we both love to sing and play with our instruments as well.

Garrett is a great example of playing the hammered dulcimer with other instruments and fitting it “in the pocket”. I picked this video to share with you because he’s a friend yes, but also because he’s always looking for ways to move the dulcimer into the mainstream arena. Another passion that Garrett and I share is to compose our own songs and this video is one of his originals. You can go to his website, www.garrettviggers.com to hear more of his music.

Enjoy the music and remember, “when life hits you hard, “hammer back!”

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