A Hidden Gem

It’s not that often that I find someone who plays the hammered dulcimer that I really enjoy listening to. I by no means want to offend someone with that statement, but when I find a gem like Eric Steitz, whom I just met over YouTube this week, I want to share him with all that I know. He has a way of playing that just makes me want to close my eyes and be taken away on the musical journey that awaits.

The song that I’m linking to here is just one of many that he has on YouTube. I’m not sure why I haven’t come across him before! I don’t even know this song that he’s playing but I so enjoyed it that I wanted to share it with you.

He also has great technique with his left hand. He is left-handed so that makes it a lot easier to lead with his left the way he does, but it also gives me something to work toward. I’m always, and I do mean ALWAYS, trying to get my left hand stronger. So don’t despair if you struggle like me in that area. I also want to point out his control and dynamics. He does a great job of playing the “filler notes” with less dynamics than the melody. This is critical for the listener. They may not know it but they will enjoy the music much more if we, as hammered dulcimer players, work hard at this.

Without further ado, here is Eric Steitz…

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