A Very Full Week.

Well folks, honestly?… I’m pretty tired today! We have had lots going on and since I don’t believe you want the “Pride and Prejudice edition” of our week, I’m a bit unsure what stories to tell and what to leave out. I’ll give you an outline here and see if it’s concise enough when I finish up.

We had a wonderful, wonderful weekend at Raintree Music Heritage Festival this past weekend. Numerous Fan Friday friends were there- Sarah B, Scott and Janice and their grandchildren (who our kids had the most fun with!), Brian & Alexis, Rick and Holly and 2/4ths of the Shepherd family. Aside from the delight of meeting up with so many old friends, there were some wonderful people there who became new friends too. One of the vendors next to us really enjoyed the kids and donated a gift to us that is just a Godsend, a little lap dulcimer with PILES of kid-friendly sheet music. Can you help me keep a secret? We’re saving it for Lyssa’s birthday next week. :)
Sharon did a bang up job planning this festival for the first time and we already look forward returning to a future Raintree Festival!

I took the Fan Friday quilt along, hoping to get a little closer to completion, cause I’m really, really close to finishing the quilting on that pretty wallhanging for you all. I got a few stitches in, in-between clients and carrying baby Jesse around… boy is that child heavy! This was his first festival and he did splendidly.The kids were wonderful help, taking care of the booth, each other and Mom too. :)

So now that we’ve been home a few days and have the groceries restocked, Ted is in Cincy for an event tomorrow. He has the privilege of accompanying a high school choir tomorrow. They will be singing a Malcom Dalgliesh arrangement of the traditional song, Sail Away. Very cool. :) The public does have access to this concert so look it up if you’re in the Cincy area!

Friday he heads into the Studio with Eddie to finish up his final recording and the mastering of the new CD, Chocolate Skies. (The story behind the title is tucked into the Store page of our site, if you’re curious.) We’re almost there folks! Your support has made this such a wonderful project to work on. The photos and the graphic design work are in place and the CD will head to the duplicators on Monday, thanks to the cheers and encouragement coming from your corner. Ted still cites your support on his difficult of recording as one of the most meaningful moments for him in the recording process!

Those of you up in MI- we have a special Saturday workshop for HD players and a concert in Midland, hosted by the wonderful community of players up in MI. If you’d like details on this, check the calendar or just email Ted- he’d love to see you in MI!

And Sunday?… you can bet we’ll be resting!

I promised the kids a movie night tonight so I’d better be getting ready for that. Have any of you seen the movie “Hugo”? We listened to the audio book and just loved it. I have high hopes that this will be a beautiful film. Time to go make popcorn. :)

Blessings and peace to you,
Donna, for Ted, Leaha, Wesley, Lindy, Seth, Lyssa, Lyra and Jesse.

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