Baby steps are for the birds!

I hate baby steps. I always have. I love watching my babies take baby steps. That’s awesome. My baby steps, life baby steps, those are stupid and often painful! It takes too long for baby steps. It’s mind numbing watching a grown man or woman take small almost indiscernible steps, fall, get back up, fall, get back up, fall, hit the table, get back up…see what I mean? Slow and painful.

I’m a runner now so my mindset has changed and is changing. I have good habits that started forming years ago when I needed to get better at my music. Now I’m still faced almost daily with the fact that I have more baby steps to take to get to where I want to be and the more that I teach it to others, the more I realize that it’s not going to change anytime fast. There’s irony for you. :/

There are tons of places and plans that we all want to go see and do. Most of them never get done begging the question, “How badly did we want those to really happen?”. Even now as I write this there are so many things that need doing and planning. My mind always goes back to a habit that I formed many years ago when I said, “No more fear! Time to do what I’ve always wanted to do”.

I make lists.

I’m a creative type so just re-reading that sentence makes my head hurt. Donna, my wife, on the other hand, she loves numbers and lists because they don’t lie and you always know what to do with them. But making lists is becoming how I get things done. I read it in a book once. Okay maybe 1,000 times by now and it’s stuck with me. Why? Because it works. But I do have to remind myself to make lists. My brain gets crowded and noisy. My spirit gets troubled. Fear tries to find it’s unnatural spot in my heart and making a list drives it all away.

I can’t remember where I heard this or read it but it goes something like this. “Fear is unreasonable. You have to ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?”. This will often help you realize how unreasonable fear is.”

I like that. What do you fear? Finances? Sickness? Pain or inner hurt? Not being able to trust someone or anyone? These are real fears. I have them and I’m not discounting them. But when you write them down, you’ll find how ridiculous they tend to be at their core.

I wrote about this in my new song, “She’s Got It All”.
“Listen to the siren rolling through the air”. This talks about the noise that grabs our hearts and throats and grips us into not taking baby steps out of where we currently wish we were not.

I encourage you to start this habit of making lists. Here are just some thoughts to help you get going. Don’t try and do all of these. Start with one today then do another one tomorrow. Or focus on one for a week. Do it every night before you sleep.

1. List what you fear. Try to keep it to 10. :)
2. List what you’re happy or thankful for.
3. List 10 people who love you unconditionally. You should include yourself.
4. List the things you need to get done today.
5. List the things you need to get done this week.
6. List the things you need to get done tomorrow.
7. List what vacation spots you want to visit.
8. List what bills you want to pay off and never see again.
9. List 10 ways that you could make the world a better place.
10. List 10 people that you can smile at today.

I’m making a list right now of things that I have to do this week and things that I would like to do on a regular basis. This is how I grow. I’m old enough to know that now but sometime my heart forgets to remind my mind. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, go, make your list and let me know what it frees you from.