Back in the saddle…studio.


After a couple weeks break because I was making music on the road, I’m back in the studio this week for 3 days, today, Thursday, and Friday of this week. I’m hoping to wrap up my hammered dulcimer tracks and then add a little percussion to some of the tracks.

Songs I’ll be working on this week are “Chocolate Skies” “Eleanor Rigby” “Well Tempered Prelude” and “Cello Suite 2.0″. Oh, and a couple surprises that no one but me and my over zealous imagination knows about. It’s probably more than I can chew but riches were never gained by saying, “Eh, I have enough”. :-)

I’m setting up the mics as I type and letting my poor instrument acclimate. We don’t have air at home so it’s probably a little shocked to be in the air conditioned studio this morning.

Well I better get at it. Today I’m working on “Chocolate Skies” and “Cello Suite 2.0″. I really want to finish tracking this week so hang with me and pray for many blessings while I work.

Peace to you,

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