“Dancing Queen” by ABBA on hammered dulcimer. Really?

Well here we go. Doing a Beatles song is one thing but to try and pull off ABBA is a whole other game. I’m not trying to say that ABBA was better than the Beatles only that they’re very different in style.

This was a lot of fun to learn and in some respects it came fairly easy but as you will hear, sometimes my hands just were not remembering exactly where to go. It’s one part muscle memory and one part knowing what note you’re supposed to hit.

It was a late night stint for me but with Wesley’s help we got it shot at the 11th hour for you. I hope you enjoy this spread of styles that’s coming out for Fan Friday. The family is enjoying it here for sure. Wes was already trying to play this song between my practice times. That’s pretty cool to see and hear.

Thanks for the requests and keep them coming. Please share these videos with your friends on Facebook and such. Spread the music.

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