Don’t worry about the rain.Money has been tight this week...

Don’t worry about the rain.

Money has been tight this week and I’ve been stressing over creating flow and income most of the week. Even though I’ve had success in my physical discipline of training for a half marathon, my discipline of mind has been harder to come by.

I was lying in bed half asleep and worn out from worry when God spoke to me and said, “You can’t make it rain, so you might as well play.”

I laughed and then my worry started to break. He always makes me laugh.

I try so hard to make it rain by learning the right songs, or trying a new form of communication/promotion/networking, or making the right connections, when it really does come down to fate or karma or destiny. Call it what you will because it’s all the same.

God has planned my steps and I can trust that they are good plans because he is always good, “the heart of man plans but God establishes his steps.”

So today I’m going to play my instrument and make the music he has put inside me and let him worry about the “rain”. I’ll worry about the play.

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