Fan Friday #51 – Nanci Griffith “Love at the Five and Dime”

You would think that a 3 chord folk song would be easy to play. Not so…! It was challenging in a number of ways. One, this was played with a guitar both picked and strummed. I wanted to try and emulate that sound as much as possible while playing melody too. ;-) Also Nanci played it in Bb which, for those of you who do not play hammered dulcimer, would be like trying to pick someone up off the floor while you’re standing on a chair. Hands are stretched way to far apart and your equilibrium is all thrown off. Not a good thing when you’re playing the hammered dulcimer or when you’re trying to pull someone up to your level.

Anyway, I think I pulled it off. Hope you enjoy it and I hope this gives you new ideas for songs to send me, not that I’m short of any to choose from… No really, keep challenging me or if you just have a special song, please send it.

This song was very fun and I hope that Shawn and his wife enjoy it as it was for their anniversary this month.

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