Fan Friday #77 – Ted Yoder special


Hello Ted Heads,

This spring I had an office put in our garage so that I could get more work done and have less interruptions but it still seems like I’m often invaded by little people asking for things or just wanting to be with dad in his cool new office.

Well on this particular day, Donna was gone and I was Mr. Mom. I really needed to get something done so I snuck out to the office and Jesse soon followed. He grabbed my favorite pair of hammers, because he knows which ones those are and he must feel like he can play better with them, then he took off on this little rant that lasted longer than I got video of but what I got sure was priceless. :)    (as always, you can play the video above or go to the blog, Facebook or YouTube link at the bottom of this email.)

He also proceeded to follow my example when I was practicing my drum rudiments and played very much on the beat for a long time. I think he has a fantastic internal clock.

I’m on the road right now so I didn’t get the video that I wanted shot this week but I thought this would make you smile and lighten your spirit a bit.

On a side note. I’m working really hard on material for the new album. I have rough tracks that I’m almost done with to send to my producer and then the fun really begins of creating an album to remember. Here’s just a sneak insider peak for you. I’ve been working all week on finally nailing down Classical Gas by Mason Williams along with 2 Dan Fogelberg songs and 2 Rich Mullins songs.

Well it’s late and I might start making horrible typos if I don’t sign off.

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far.

Many blessings to you all,


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