Full circle in a lot of ways.

Dear friends, family and Ted Heads,

 What a week of blessing and fun! Look at these two cute kitties! Their faces were painted by the Chase's of RazzBDazzle who blessed children all weekend at the Bible Bee by transforming them into wolves, foxes, princesses, cats and dalmations. Our children were only a few of the many who jumped around all day, smiling about their fun faces and free balloons. Carmen and Jimmy- THANK YOU from all of us for standing on your feet so many hours and giving of yourselves to us! If any of you reading this want more info, the Chase's have developed training DVD's and a wonderful website to teach you how to use this art form in your church and for outreach events in your community... we are pretty jazzed about the creativity of this and Lindy is already talking about learning to paint faces for kids at the festivals we will attend this coming summer. I say, GREAT IDEA!

 The Bible Bee was a wonderful time of catching up with families we met last year and connecting with new folks this year. Many thanks to the Baas family who welcomed us right away and got us all set up at our Exhibitors space in record time. :) We sure enjoyed your familiar smiles and hugs. To the Leonards, Carys, Worchs, and Kennivs- it was sure good to either meet you for the first time or see you all again and catch up!

 We left the convention Saturday very happy, having sold a pile of CDs and a big dulcimer. (Congrats John- can't wait to hear how good you are when we see you next year!) I couldn't think of the tear down process without mentioning Sarah O. Thank you SO MUCH dear for helping us pack up and watching over our little girls while we put all our boxes and cases into the back of the Angry Bird. You made Donna's job so easy and we realize now that we barely thanked you!

 Saturday's Evening of Comfort and Joy, hosted by Dan and Joanne Miller was a huge success! Thank you Logsdons and Millers for creating the lovely Christmas atmosphere and for promoting the evening so wonderfully. I had so much fun sharing our stories and songs with everyone. It was especially a significant miler marker to me to be able to revisit the beginnings of my journey into a new career as an artist and to count the successes that God has granted our family in the last 3 years! We truly have made huge strides in doing what I have always loved. Dan Miller and his book "48 days to the Work You Love" were a large part of helping me to face my fears and take the initial leap when we were considering making that move from the known world of installing floorcovering to the vast unknown of becoming a musician professionally. How blessed we were then to be surrounded by such positive encouragement and how happy we are now that you also have been a big part of that walk as you joined our email list, ordered CDs, came to gigs and spread the word. It is so fun to share the success with you! Thank you for spending time with us like you do because art is just a ton more fun when made with folks like you!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving week and we'll see you on Friday!

Ted and Donna for all the Yoders

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