Hammers and How!

Hello everyone, this is Ted’s wife, Donna. Since we both love dulcimers, Ted has asked me to jump in and write with him on his blog. I’m so excited to join you here and get in on these fun conversations with you about all things hammered dulcimer. You all are such a fun bunch, and I’m excited for the chance to get to know you better.

Without further ado I’m just gonna dive on in because, oh my goodness friends! My discovery tonight propels me to write a quick blog about something you’re gonna love. You simply must check out these videos of Bob Bedard! He makes dulcimer hammers. They are so creative, so unique, they’re gonna make you feel like a million bucks just holding them! I saw a little ad for these in our favorite dulcimer magazine this evening and went to his website to check it out. Since we love all things hammered dulcimer around here, our ears perk up whenever we see something creative. However, I did not anticipate the treat this little venture would be. Dulcimer Players News did a “live” interview in Bob’s shop last year and this episode shows us exactly how he makes his hammers. Once I got started, I just could not stop watching! (I should add that Ted does already own a pair of Bedard hammers, and is probably wondering why I am just now getting so jazzed about them. Well this video made me just love getting to know Mr. Bedard and his hammers!)


I am just a beginner when it comes to dulcimer playing but I’m pretty sure I need to start off on the right foot playing with these hammers. Anything that looks this good will boost both my style and confidence! So go ahead, watch this video and then order yourself a pair, whether you’re just starting out or a dulcimer pro. You’re worth it! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go get started … Now where did Ted hide those sweet little things?

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