Happy Wednesday from all 9 of us.

(gulp) Did I really say 9 of us??? Wow…life is indeed rich and full!

Good afternoon friends, family and Ted Heads,

Just look at that adorable baby! (Perhaps you can tell that a very happy and proud Mom is the one starting this email!) I am just squirming to get some words of thanks out to all of you who have celebrated Jesse’s birth with us. From the Clark and West families, who donated bags of clothing, and Maria, who presented us with handmade booties, all the way to Janet who posted the perfect Fan Friday blessing in song and each one who has sent kind notes via email and Facebook… Thank you for showing your care and love for us in all these special ways. We are thoroughly enjoying cuddling the baby and keeping house while we watch the weather flux from warm to cool and back again. This January has sure been unusual for an Indiana winter! We’ve decided that we’ll take this warmth and sunshine and be grateful for the easy non-winter weather these last few weeks.

Now that the milestone of baby’s arrival has taken place I can see Ted’s “move ahead” lights blinking. We’re talking more and more about the Fan Friday CD that he’s beginning to record for you and we’re having lots of fun imagining and planning for the birth of THAT new baby! As we were talking this morning about the fun packages we want to make available to you for preordering, we had a terrific idea that I am just tickled about. One of our package ideas is to collect fabrics from you all and put them together to make a Fan Friday quilt which will be available for purchase in our store as a fund raiser for the album. Whaddya think? Since I love to sew I am thrilled with the idea of gathering colors and textures from all of you and putting it together to make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind handmade quilt. So, if you want to help us get this quilt started, send me either some goodies from your fabric stash or a 1/2 yard piece from your favorite fabric store and I’ll start piecing and sewing. (Guys- if you want to help but feel lost about selecting fabric, just go to the WalMart craft section and choose a color you like. The lady in that department knows what you mean when you say, “I want a half yard of this.” I promise!) I would like to stick to cottons and cotton blends so avoid polyesters and knits if you can. If there is a story to why you are sending me a certain fabric, PLEASE tell me about it so that I can make note of the special elements of this quilt! I will need to start working with these as soon as possible, so please send them to me by the 15th of February so I can lay things out and get started.

Any questions? We are both excited about the preorder options we are dreaming up for you and we are confident we’ll be able to present them to you by the end of this month, so keep an eye on your inbox for the latest word on the Fan Friday CD. Your involvement and ideas mean the world to us. Thank you for making the 2011 Fan Fridays such a blast and let’s get these stories and songs of our time together on a brand new CD!

I’ve been away from Jess for over an hour… is that a record? I think he needs to be picked up and squeezed again. He’s probably run out of kisses too. ;)

Peace and blessings to you,
Ted and Donna for the whole family

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