Just one more step.

 I've spent some time talking with folk through emails; hearing stories and encouragements. 

I've been recently telling people this analogy. 
Habits turn into lifestyles

    I think habits have a bad rap. I like to think of habits as becoming a way of life. Not just something you can't live without but something you do and you don't think about it. It's a preconceived notion, an inclination, an automatic response. 

Leaping doesn't seem like leaping after awhile. It just seems like taking another step. 

  I've taken leaps. Starting new ventures, going on tour when I only had money to get me there, starting a family when it just seemed right to do...insert your leaps here. :) 
My advice and challenge today is take one small step if leaping seems too far fetch or scary. 

 I always live by the mantra of, "What can I do today to get me one step closer to where I want to be?" It doesn't have to be a leap, just a step.

You have given me hope that I can do something I've always wanted to do and I can make a living at it. 
I don't have a record company, I have you. Pop
I don't have a booking agent, I have you. 

I've always gravitated toward community rather than corporate anyway. So this is something Donna and I are leaping at once again. Just one step toward where we want to be. 

Won't you join us in the leaping life built up by many small steps? 


What is Beyond Wednesdays? 

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Onward and deeper, 
Ted and Donna