Metamora Old Time Music Festival in pictures

We had so many great pictures this week I couldn't choose just one... so here you have the weekend in photos. Enjoy!

The booth at Metamora Old Time Music Festival! People were clamboring for those Bob Bedard hammers all weekend! Here Lyssa is demonstrating her Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars tune.
It was very, very hot our first two days in Metamora. We found two ways to cool off...

Method number one was quick and quite effective!

But we vote method number two as the most delicious. Our flavors of choice: Superman, Raspberry Cordialand Blueberry Cream Pie YUM!

Leaha in her cute new hat, cuddling the puppy from a few campsites down.

Look at that grin! When we were setting up our booth Lyra spotted this chair and said, "Mom! I wuv that chair!" So I had to share the moment.

Little legs get tired walking around all day! Good thing Daddy's so strong.
Thanks for browsing our photo album with us. Feel free to comment on your favorites!

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