Overtaken by Blessings.

Exciting things are happening here at the Yoder farm.

 After a series of amazing and unexpected blessings, we are on our way to the National Bible Bee, in Nashville, TN! We just love those people, so we can hardly wait to be together with them again this year! (Lyssa was so excited to hear the news that she ran and grabbed her Volunteer button from last year, saying “I LOVE Bible Bee!” We didn't even know that she remembered it.)

 After a week of laying carpet in Steph and Micah's new house (Ted's niece), we attended their wedding on Friday. It was just lovely. (It's amazing how clearly you can see the growth and maturation of your kids, when they are all dressed up. Just look at them! Ted has said Leaha looks so beautiful in that dress, that he won't let her wear it out of the house again!) ;D Ted played the guitar, which was a real change of pace. We enjoyed an evening of holy celebration and family fun. (Which with Ted's family always includes a lot of laughing and delight.) What a wonderful way to remember 11-11-11.

 Saturday, Ted was in Indy for the Midtown Holiday Home Tour. Sunday, Brian Wallen and Gene Webb picked him up to go to Chicago for the Darrell Scott concert and songwriting workshops. The concert was so inspiring to Ted, that he woke up the next morning with a song burning in him – a song with lyrics! Ted hasn't written a song with lyrics since his Mom got married 5 years ago!

 Because we had lived near Chicago, Ted was able to take the guys around Chicago, in between teaching sessions, and show them around. Of course, we think the best part of that were the Hershey souvenirs he brought home for us all. (Did you know that Hersheys makes Kisses deliciously filled with mint truffle? OH YUM!)

 On his way home, the possibility opened up for us to take the whole family to National Bible Bee. So, in just a few hours time, we shifted gears, packed the family and van and took off. (Yep, all eight of us - for 5 1/2 days...in hours! Many hands make light the work!) As you read this, we will either still be on the road or will have just arrived. We are so looking forward to this trip, because in addition to just seeing these families we love so much in the exhibit hall, Ted will also be performing and leading a workshop. (You know how much he enjoys that!)

 While in Nashville, we have the privilege of staying with Dan Miller, who is also hosting a private "Comfort and Joy" concert on Sunday night, in The Sanctuary. While that alone is a blessing, we will also be able to meet Archie face-to-face. Archie is our very own one man cheering squad, ever since Ted began pursuing this career in November 2008. (Isn't that funny – almost three years to the day.)

 No matter how busy we are, please know you're always very much in our thoughts and prayers. And as we near Thanksgiving, we hope you know that you're one of the blessings we hold dearest!

 Ted and Donna for the whole family.
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