Preorder's have been the BOMB!!!

  Well, I must say that I didn't expect to have this reaction from having people preorder. I've had several friends do so and I must say that it has awakened in me even more excitement for the making of this CD. It's awesome! I am so ready to do this now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  I've already guaranteed one friend that the Christmas CD will be better than the Hymns CD. He said that that was a bold statement but I know that I can do better and I'm really pumped about getting this out to you faithful friends.

 Thanks so much for being a part of this endeavor with me. I look forward to you being blessed with the sounds of beautiful music.


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  • lindy bug
    lindy bug
    yay wes got to play with dad.

    yay wes got to play with dad.

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