Tansled up in LEGO and yarn.

 Dear friends, family and Ted Heads,

 Happy Holidays! How's your house these days? Ours has been filled with knitting and sewing projects, miniature Lego Christmas trees, marshmallows and paper chain snowmen. (Donna's always wanted to learn to make those and finally played around with it successfully with the kids. Just goes to show you're never to old!)

 Christmas brings out the kid in me too. I felt like 8 years old in a candy shop when I headed to St. Louis last weekend. :) The Fox morning show was so much fun and the promotion gave us a strong turnout at The London Tea Room last Friday evening. I just have to tell you a story about a couple I met there. The husband came up to me at the concert's close and said, "My wife and I haven't been on a date in ages but when she saw you on the morning show this morning she said, 'Honey, we've got to go see this tonight!'" So they did. :) I just love hearing that an evening like this can give a couple a chance to get out and become closer in their relationship. I get energized hearing stories like this, so thanks Valente's for taking the time to introduce yourselves! I loved meeting you. And thanks Fox Morning Show for spreading the word and Jackie for bringing me to the London Tea Room again! Darnell family- thank you for hosting me and letting me shoot Fan Friday in your living room. The trip wouldn't have been the same without your hospitality.

 Rick and Holly promoted a great show at Otterbein on Saturday evening. Lots of laughter and fun as we closed out the Otterbein Community Concert Series with a bang! Sunday at the Gennet Mansion was a treat as always, this time enhanced by the presence of the Starr Valley Dulcimer Club. Thank you all for sharing your music and your Sunday afternoon with me. Let's do this again sometime!

 Along with the holiday bustle at home there is a sweeping movement in the workplace too. These next two weeks are the Christmas marathon for us, so we will try to summarize our calendar events for you as smoothly as possible. (With a little help from Google Calendar!) Holiday shows are so much fun to be a part of that we want to be sure you are aware of your opportunities to join us this month for Christmas music on the dulcimer. So here's what's comin' this week:

 Friday, Dec 9, 6-8 PM: A Champion's concert with Dean Phelps and Brian Wallen at Noble Coffee and Tea in Noblesville. I notice Donna has her eye on a Raspberry Rainbow Smoothie. Yum! Think she'll share?

 Saturday, Dec 10, 6:30 PM: My long awaited return to the Pixy Theatre in Edinburgh, IN! I just loved my first audience here earlier this year and have anticipated this evening for months now. The evening is called A Pixy Christmas Carol and will begin with some beautiful singing by the Irvington Chorale. I will take the stage at 7:30 and then the evening will be closed out at 8:30 by the Arsenal Technical High School Choir. They are waiving the usual $10 door fee for this evening but will accept a donation if you would like to give to the artist's performing there and the restoration of this historic Theatre. It's a beautiful venue and I'm sure we're going to have a special evening together! Please invite your friends, neighbors and church to come with you and pack the house! Can't wait to see you there.

 Sunday, Dec 11, 9:30 AM: Come join me at St John's Lutheran Church in Rochester, IN for a Sunday morning of rest and peace through the beauty of music. The church is located at 404 Jefferson St., Rochester, IN 46975

 Sunday, Dec 11, 3-4 PM: Come join me for an Old Fashioned Christmas at the Wabash and Erie Canal. Click here for details. I'll be playing inside the center for 1 hour so come in, warm up and feast on some beautiful Christmas carols with me.

 We have another goodie up in the Player's Corner for dulcimer players this week... Donna made a special Holiday Series of Hammer Bags just for you this season so come see what she's been stitching for you on her new sewing machine. We think they're pretty cool! I also will be sending out an email tomorrow letting you know of a few more items for the HD player in you... this afternoon I will be bringing home a box of something for you that I am really jazzed about! Check your email tomorrow for a quick link on that special deal.

 Time to get back to our respective corners. :) I have practicing to do, the girls have yarn all over the place and I think I see Donna eyeing her sewing machine again.

 Love and peace to you all,
Ted and Donna for the whole family

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