The people who make it all worthwhile.

 Welcome to the first ever players blog for Ted Heads! You are the very special group of people that have signed up to come together every week to talk and learn about the hammered dulcimer. I really do hope that we can have some candid conversations here about where we want to go and what we'd love to do with our music.

 My first goal from this weekend is to talk with some people who have become friends of mine over the years. I've grown from being a student to being a peer but I still learn from them when I'm with them. There's always something to learn from another player. We never reach the top and then stay there. You either keep going up or start to go down. I would like to keep going up and help you along the way.

 Anyway, my main goal is to talk with these players via video and capture some great moments that will be very fun and very enlightening as well. I never learned or grew faster than when I had the chance to just sit and watch over the shoulder of people like Mark Wade, Stephen Humphries and Dan Landrum. Seeing what they could do with this instrument was always inspiring and I hope to give you some great content after this weekend as well.

 If you haven't signed up here on the site to be able to leave comments and such, please do so. This way we can communicate better and in the long run, have a great friendship. In the future I would like to try to have some webinars or something that is just a little break from the norm and see where live conversations take us.

 I can't wait to bring you some great content and some great interviews! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you this year at a festival or concert.

 Oh, I almost forgot. We will be arriving a day late at Evart, MI because 30 minutes into the trip, our brakes went out and we had to stop for an emergency fix. We would have been on the road and on time but then a certain part for the repair wasn't available until Thursday morning and so we're spending the night at my sister's house until the truck is fixed and then we'll be on our way to Evart. Two of my classes will be cancelled for Thursday, but I'll still get 4 of them in, plus make Friday for my spot on the stage.

 Be blessed with the music you make for yourself and others. We have been given a gift, let's not waste it. :-)


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