The world doesn't need fixing, it needs people like you

It's drizzling outside today. I love storms but I also love when there's a light rain painting designs on the window. It makes me sleepy and ready for a book. :)

I'm sitting here enjoying the company of some of my new friends online. Scrolling through some of the comments of posts and videos. Some people say the world is a horrible place, broken and needing to be fixed. But I see a different side. I'm not ignorant or naive, I know the world is hurting but I don't think it's broken, just hurting. It's hurting for some one to really care about some one else. Some one specifically.

I'm just so very thankful for all of you who have chosen to follow me, my family, and my music. It really is a dream come true and I hope you are receiving as much out of this relationship as we are. I want to know all of you specifically and just maybe I'll have the privilege of meeting all of you at one point in this journey. You make me laugh with your comments, you make me cry when we talk about pain and sorrow together. I've said before that you're just like our family, just bigger now. I really mean that. We're come to "know" some of you a little deeper than just FB posts and it's been such a joy.

I guess I'm writing this to encourage you to keep on keeping on. Spread the light of joy and laughter, the comfort of hugs and prayers when there's pain and sorrow. The world doesn't need fixing, it needs people like you. Folks who refuse to be dragged down by the haters and negative Nelly's, people who reach out instead of reaching in. Keep keeping on. You're the world changers and the "some one's" who will tell "some one" they're some one special. 

Thanks for being our extended family and friends. Our world is brighter because of you and I hope it's reciprocal.

God bless you all,