Things are about to get interesting.

August 24, 2016



I got up. 

Went to work the day job, then came home to practice a new piece of music I was learning. 

I wanted to get it good enough to play on Facebook LIVE by 6pm. 

I tuned my dulcimer. 

I think we skipped dinner because it looked kind of stormy, with clouds threatening. 

Turned my iPhone on. 

No signal. 

Feeling stressed. Rain’s coming. We gotta do this! 

Pets climbing all over everything in the backyard. 

Move the dulcimer closer to the house. 

Donna’s rearranging everything, kids running around. 

Still no signal. 

A break in the clouds, move even closer to the house. 

Ah! God! Give us just a little signal! No internet connection. 

One and a half bars of cell service… that’ll do! 

Then came the moments no one could have seen coming. 

The kids sat quietly. 

The dog didn’t bark. 

The rain held off. 

The wind whispered, the cicadas sang and the cell service held. 

I made it through the song in one piece, a little rattled but still holding both hammers. 

Chatted about the weather and the animals. 

Then said goodnight and turned off the camera. 

And then the magic happened. 

A like. 

A comment. 

A share. 

A dozen views turned into a hundred. 

Then Smiley’s and hearts and thousands of likes, comments, shares, and views, whirling aroudn the globe and back again. 

We ate dinner and went to bed because none of us knew what was happening. 

A little crowded, imperfect evening, just me and my family showing up to do what we do. 

And the song I played in my backyard for a few fans was heard ‘round the world. 

It’s at 94 million views today. 

I cannot even type that without crying. We have dreamed of this for so many years. Of being an artist and NOT starving. Of paying our bills and having some left over to share. Of taking the kids to see plays and concerts and movies and the world. Of making more music and meeting more beautiful people. 

And now we can. 

Because the world is NOT totally full of hate and fear and sickening violence and greed. 

There are absolutely millions of REALLY GOOD people out there. People who care about each other. People who hope the best. People who have a light, a voice, and a gift to share and they are opening their hearts to give it to the whole world. 

August 24th is the day everything changed and I learned what kind of world we really live in. 

This is my world. 

Because YOU are writing… 

The rest of the story.


(Drawing courtesy of Myra Audet)